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Predictable Inventory Management



Explore how to improve existing inventory management software used to view, predict, and maintain inventory across multiple brands, categories and products. 


UI/UX Design

UX Methodologies

UI Copywriting



The Challenge

Today, users can only perform simple searches without any filters.In order to be successful in their job, Inventory Managers need to be enabled to monitor the inventory of a particular item, and share the information with someone on their team to ensure inventory is maintained and available.


Developing a Problem Statement and User Story

I began with a lot of questions. Why is someone manually adding items to a list, and how are they doing this today? Why would they have to share this list with someone on their team when they could be enabled to do the task on their own? What is a customer facing user vs. and admin?

I moved forward with many assumptions (assumed an Inventory Manager would be working with a team member who is responsible for ordering) about how these users may work together to help identify and outline a problem statement. 


How might we equip the Inventory Management team with instant knowledge to manage their inventory and better predict stock levels?

Group 6.png
Group 5.png
Artboard 1 Copy 3.jpg

Research and Hypothesis

Since I wasn't able talk to end users, I worked from the brief and expanded on what was there in terms of personas. I took their pain points and formed a user journey to establish a sense of empathy for the user.

Focus and Priority

The main focus is on Ivan the Inventory Manager, his overall behaviors and goals. I broke those down into small chunks related to his role focusing at this point and time on Search, Save, Share and Automate.


Improved Search and Added Filters

Filters Open.jpg

Saving Searches or Saving Items to a List

Saving to List.jpg


Share and Automate

Tagging Team members.jpg

Providing the ability to tag team members in a saved list helps automate the process of monitoring specific items inventory for everyone involved.

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