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Designing Discover's collaborative digital workspace

Discover needed an intranet that encouraged collaboration, personalization and employee engagement for over 20,000 employees in multiple locations.


Facilitated client discovery sessions that informed the design approach and strategy. Participated in user testing while iterating on design and collaborating closely with developers throughout build to deliver on time.


UI/UX Design



User Testing

Client Workshops


2018 Best Personalized Experience

-Ragen Awards

Step 1

Wireframe and Branding Workshops

To help understand how the Discover brand should be expressed, I facilitated a workshop. I covered the walls with 100+ curated images and asked stakeholders to vote using green stickers (does represent the brand) and red stickers (doesn’t represent the brand).

During the discussion, I was able to see threads in design and highlight adjectives to act as the north star when creating a digital mood board. With all this inspiration and definition of the brand, I was able to design two clear visual directions. 


Step 2

Style Tiles – speaking a common visual language 

From the workshops, I was able to create two distinct style tiles to help project stakeholders in deciding a visual direction before getting into high fidelity wireframes and designs. Style tiles helped establish a direct connection with actual interface elements without defining layout. 


They were the perfect catalyst for discussions between design and stakeholders around design preferences and goals of the client.

Due to a confidentiality agreement I'm unable to display the final designs in my portfolio. But if you'd like to hear or see more drop me an email


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