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Whirlpool Kitchen Interactive Tool

Whirlpool Kitchen Stylist is an online appliance visualization tool allowing users to create and save uniquely designed kitchens based off of algorithmic kitchen selections. Users have ability to change room styles and swap out appliance types and colors through intuitive, simple menus. The inclusion of a save/share functionality makes this the perfect utility when redesigning their kitchens. 


UX Design

Interaction Design

Creative Direction

3D Rendering Creative Direction

Dev Oversight

*Site is no longer live 😢


Creative direction of
3D kitchen renderings

Worked closely with our partners at U6 Studios to concept and design the three kitchen styles for our tool. Spent a week working with U6 Studios on moodboards for styling and outlining different interior stylings.

U6 Kitchens_2x.jpg

Transitional kitchen

Classic kitchen

Modern kitchen

Renderings by U6 Studios


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