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Responsive Ecommerce Redesign Built on the Sitecore Platform

Intermatic are experts in timer controls and one of the largest and most respected companies of its kind in the world. It was time for their website to better reflect their evolving brand.

Worked to evolve the new brand and translate the look and feel into a robust user experience. Facilitated client discovery sessions that informed the design approach and strategy. Conducted user testing and collaborated closely with UX and development throughout project timeline.


UI/UX Design



User Testing

Client Workshops

Built for flexibility

Great sites can easily go stale without fresh content. This site was built in Sitecore, giving the Intermatic team simple, powerful tools to update content, add new products and manage calls to action. The design needed to be flexible enough to allow for new content, while being "unbreakable".

Appealing to the needs of  two distinct audiences

Challenge was presenting product information in a way that would appeal to two distinct audiences, professionals and homeowners (B2B and B2C). The current state was very much designed for B2B audience and the challenge was updating the site for homeowners in a way that wouldn't be overwhelming.

Focus Points


Presenting high-tech product information in an easily digestable manner.


Providing easier access to news and press releases to maintain the user perception of Intermatic being the leading experts in the field.


Robust mobile experience was necessary for our two main audiences. Main focus was Where to Buy on mobile devices.


The site has been met with praise, elevating the digital presence while shifting the narrative to focus on where the company is headed in the future. Functionally, the site has become a flexible tool for employees enabling them to make edits and keep the new site fresh.


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