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Enhanced bulk image uploader

Imagery 2.jpg

Walmart associates and suppliers needed a way to upload images for one or multiple items.

They were doing this with excel spreadsheets and utilizing URLs for images, or they were adding or editing images one item at a time which is time consuming and cumbersome given the amount of items one person may be managing which can be in the thousands.



User Research

User Testing

UI Design

Three main issues arose in user research

1. Unpublished items

One of the most common reasons and item is unpublished or not

available to purchase on the commerce website is because it’s missing imagery.

2. Error prone excel sheets

Currently users are updating images in an excel sheet with URLs. These sheets are error prone and there is no visual confirmation of the impact someone is having when updating the images.

3. No Supplier access to imagery tools

A core problem with this process is images should be uploaded by

suppliers but suppliers use image databases such as Dropbox which will not work with Walmart systems. The image burden then falls onto the internal category specialists to update and maintain their item imagery.


Existing solutions

“Images are the most cumbersome part of item setup”


I talked to the primary users, category specialists and suppliers, to understand their current processes and pain points. From there, I collaborated with product and engineering to prioritize high level features to design and test. Designing multiple navigation paths in a single flow mixed with lo-fi wireframes, we were able to see the basic framework to be tested.

Lo-fi Wireflows

Definition: site structure and navigation mixed with lo-fi wireframes

Wireflows together.jpg

Usability Testing Feedback

From the wireflows, a design prototype was born! Testing sessions indicated the need to evolve the designs a few ways. 


Allow for multiple select to drag and drop or upload the same images for multiple items.


Better global control over adding or replacing images to multiple items to reduce the redundant need to remove images from multiple items.


Updating our global component called"action alley" to enable better select/deselect of items.

“I think my favorite part is how easy it was to add more images. Typically the process we have right now is cumbersome. I like how you can continuously add item IDs in the same flow. The drag and order feature is great.”

Imagery Hero on page.png

Entry point with multiple items to action

Imagery Selected with drag reg.jpg

Select multiple items and drag images into the app for uploading

Imagery Loading Modal.png

Processing images

Imagery Processed Modal.png

Error handling

Imagery Modal.png

Selection of adding images or replacing existing images stored in our system

Imagery Drag and Drop.png

Drag and drop images to reorder how they will appear on the e-commerce experience

Imagery Existing Images.png

Drag to restore any existing images for items that may have been selected to be replaced

Updated Designs for Pilot Launch

Outcome: Pilot Program

Early pilot numbers

Total submissions: 454
Total items: 1134
Total users: 36

  • Pilot program gathered useful feedback for enhancements.

  • Prioritized enhancements for upcoming development sprints to do a full feature rollout to our entire organization, including suppliers.

  • From a product design perspective, the design patterns built for feature were adopted across other applications for more robust features, proving again that the design system is flexible and scalable.

Total submissions: 1329
Total items: 2265
Total users: 177


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