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What's shakin?

My name is Karen. Senior Product Designer and team player. Working at the intersection of psychology and design. I am constantly seeking for opportunities where I can make a positive impact through design. Currently at WalmartLabs.

Recent work // 🔥 hot off the presses


Future of Item Groupings

Password protected 🗝️

Challenge: Improving the experience for setting up of Variant Groups.

Role & Responsibilities: Lead UX Design

Predictable Inventory Management

Challenge: Improve existing inventory management software used to view, predict, and maintain inventory across multiple brands, categories and products. 

Role and Responsibilities: Lead UX Design

Imagery Generic.jpg

Bulk Image Manager

Password protected 🗝️

Challenge: Enhance functionality to allow users to add or update images for multiple items at one time.

Role & Responsibilities: Lead UX Design

Personalized, Global Intranet 

Password protected 🗝️

Challenge: Design an intranet to serve 121,000 employees across a diverse, global workforce, the access to current information and tools was all over the place.


Previous work //🌟  Done a while back

Interactive Designer at Rightpoint:  3M Intranet UX & Design 🗝️  |   Discover Intranet UX & Design    |    Intermatic E-commerce Redesign

Freelance Web Designer:  Portfolio Manager POC

Sr. Art Director at Leo Burnett:  Whirlpool E-Commerce Redesign   |   Whirlpool Kitchen Interactive Tool

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